Modern Data & AI Applications

Experience the power of data and AI
with these interactive demos.
Quality Control with AI

Quality control in manufacturing is a manual intensive labour and requires highly-trained operators to perform the inspection. Use image recognition to automate and improve quality control to guarantee a top product to all customers. Try image recognition for yourself!

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Text Classification

Increase efficiency in processes or gather new insights by extracting information from text. Currently, service desks often have to reroute incoming messages manually to the right department. Text classification can automate this process by tagging incoming messages based on its content. Write your own message and discover how it would be tagged!

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Optical Character Recognition

Reduce human error, automate processes and increase customer experience. Scanning for keywords in digital papers is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, lots of documents still exist in printed form, making the same task much harder. Therefore, use OCR to automatically retrieve text from printed documents.

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Monitoring NMBS Train Delays in PowerBI

Leveraging the Open Data API from the NMBS, we show abilities of Azure and Embedded Power BI reporting. This demo is build on a Modern Data Platform back-end where train delays are gathered every 5', saved in a Data Lake, modelled in a Data Warehouse and exposed to Power BI.

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Scalable ETL and ELT with Azure Databricks

With Azure Databricks, we can parallellize your ETL and ELT processes. Parallellization enables organization to further grow and handle both bigger datasets as well as more data-jobs. Using Databricks, BI teams can leverage a scalable compute platform for running their Transform jobs.

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Reinforcement Learning

Discover how reinforcement learning ensures that machines can learn from a set environment to become better at achieving a certain goal. To showcase this, a visual environment was leveraged in which a moonlander is trained to safely land in a given area.

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Building a Modern Data Platform on Microsoft Azure

element61 has defined a Modern Data Platform on Azure with all components to support Modern data warehouse, AI against Big data (and in production) and real-time analytics.

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